Tale Traveller


Tale Traveller offers children, young people and adults an opportunity to experience high quality storytelling activity facilitated by performers, artists, and professional and emerging community writers. It’s an exciting project that places creative intergenerational learning at the heart of community empowerment and cohesion.

The Tale Traveller is a time machine fuelled by stories that explores different times and places. Sometimes it picks up a few passengers along the way and needs help to create the story fuel necessary to return these time travellers to their rightful eras. The Tale Traveller experience uses performance, creative writing and visual art to transport young participants to magical spaces and to spark their creativity.

The Tale Traveller experience also uses a collection of vintage objects (curated by visual artist Suzanne Smith) which are intended to trigger memories and inspire dialogue. The collection is currently defined by three themes: childhood, domesticity and armed conflict (some of the objects can be seen in the images on this website).

Tale Traveller Events involve children (often in primary school settings) being asked to interview “time travelling” passengers before writing and illustrating connected stories. The creative writing activity is facilitated by our emerging community writers, volunteers and professional writers/artists.

Tale Traveller events are also aimed at adult groups interested in exploring life writing and community heritage. These events are more focused on the use of the object collection.